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We can print from your artwork or create custom designs with our in-house
graphics and illustration team.

If you are sending us your own artwork, please read carefully:

Software used: CorelDraw X6+, Adobe Photoshop CS6+, Adobe Illustrator CS6+, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat.

Accepted files formats: .cdr, .eps., ai, .tif,. .psd, .pdf, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .wmf, .png, pct, .pcx, .txt, .doc, .rtf, .qxd. We are PC based but we can accept several file formats coming from Macs.

Resolution: The outcome of a t-shirt print can only be as good as the quality of the art put into it. It is very important when supplying photos or other imagery to save at the highest resolution possible. 200 dpi is good and 300 dpi is great at printing size.
(We recommend zipping large files before E-mailing).

Text in vector type files: please convert all text to curves. In Corel Draw select all then use the function “Convert to Curve” from the Arrange menu. In Adobe Illustrator
select all and then use the function “Create Outlines” from the Type menu. This will ensure that the proper text is transferred to our artists. If you want the text to remain
editable please attach the font with the artwork.

Art size: The designs should be saved at desired print size. We recommend no larger than 4” X 4” for a “pocket” design (ideal is 3.5” x 3.5) and no larger than11.5” X 13.5 for a large imprint.

Colors: We can print up to 8 colors on a shirt, however, we do print simulated spot process and four color process. These two techniques allows us to create and print high end graphics and photographic imagery. We mix our own inks and offer pantone pantone matching.

How to send the art: email us your design to or you can mail us a PC CD to 240 South Archie, Vidor, TX 77662 ATTN: Art Dept.

If you would like us to create your artwork: You may E-mail us a description of what you would like us to print on your T-shirts. There is a $25/ hour charge for design services. Most one color designs take one hour or less to create depending on its complexity. If you have a picture, or a printed T-shirt you would like us to use, we will scan it for you at no charge and return it to you with your order. We have on staff Graphic Artist that can assist you.

Logo/Art Production Services:
This is a bit different than just art reproduction which is the standard $25 rate, usually used for company logo creation, this actually consists of multiple concept sketches, fleshing out a design from scratch into a final finished design. This is usually a 4-20 hour process where we involve illustrators, sketch artists, vector artists all of varying styles to produce a finished design that is perfect for any application.

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Procedure for Original Artwork Creation
1. A preliminary sketch is created and sent to you for approval. Most changes are made at this stage. Once it is approved the artwork moves to second phase.
2. Black line inked art is created. This phase is not usually sent to the customer.
3. The final art is created and any necessary text and/or graphic elements are added. A low resolution jpeg is sent for approval.  Once approved final payment is made and the art enters production.


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Procedure for Color Seperations

You can take the final art to a Screen Printing company to be printed on a desired garment. The last process in an art department before it goes into production is Color Separations. We offer these services to eliminate any extra costly art fees you may experience elsewhere. For basic separations (Vector Art) as seen above is only $5 US per color. For high-end photographic separations (Raster Art) it is $10 US per color. We add all crop marks, registration marks, and pantone colors to printed separations.

If you belong to a Screen Printing company or want to own your color separations we can print and mail the separations on Vellum or High-Quality ink jet transparencies.

Printed Separations on Vellum
8.5” x 11” - $12 US per color
11” x 17” - $15 US per color
12” x 18.5” - $16 US per color

Printed Separations on Ink Jet Transparencies:
8.5” x 11” - $18 US per color
11” x 17” - $22 US per color
13” x 19” - $25 US per color

Screen Printing and Embroidery Services

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